We don´t want to claim to shoot rockets to the moon or do any research on space technology. All we do are grips and bar tape. But we still have a target. We want to offer you damn good products, manufactured on the highest available technology level and at the same time, we want to enjoy the job we are doing.

We all live for that moment, sitting on a bike and being out there. Some like the competition aspect of the sport, others do it for the fun, some are hunting for action or do it for their fitness. Each of us has got his personal reason, bu we all have something in common what drives us forward day by day. 

Well, a grip is just a small item on a bike, but there is no other part on a bike you feel more sensitive than the connection of your hands to the bar. We think it is worth to put some passion and energy even to those little items. Ou simple goal is, to offer damn good grip or handlebar tape solution for each bicycle category out there. 


Let´s get the bacon rolin´